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Top 10 Reasons Why I Love This BusinessÖ.


1)     There are no minimums!  No quota to fill, so I never have to order until my customers do.

2)     The Hours are flexible!  I can work when and as often as I want to work.  I love being able to schedule around my familyís activities!

3)     I have extra cash on hand!  It feels good to be able to contribute to my familyís income without being locked into a 9-to-5 job. I can use this extra cash for monthly bills, ballet lessons, college savings, whatever!  I can give myself a raise anytime I want: The more I work, the more I earn! Plus, I take my commission right off the top, before the company even gets its cut!

4)     Allows me to keep my priorities in line!  I donít have to sacrifice my family time to receive income.  Balance eliminates guilt.

5)     I have built up an incredible home library for my family!  We have an awesome variety of wonderful award winning  books, and I have never paid retail prices for any of them!  We read often and well, because they are surrounded by interesting books and games.

6)     I am promoting products I love!  I never feel guilty about asking someone to purchase products that will benefit their children. Iím not just making money; Iím encouraging literacy as well. For more info.

7)      I donít have to maintain an inventory!  Iím simply showing them what my family already uses each and every day!

8)      I get to meet all kinds of interesting people!  Iíve made lots of new friends, both on my team and at events like home shows, schools, libraries, book fairs and booths.

9)      Lots of awards and recognition! Usborne is generous with many ďpats on the backĒ!  Besides public recognition, I receive free books, charms and other prizes on a regular basis.  I have lots of chances to win cash, gifts, books, and exotic vacations!

10)  I am my own boss, but have plenty of support!  I choose when and how I work, but there is an upline of friends who care about my success. I receive personal training, and benefit from being part of a team.



Can you use a little extra?  Iíve looked at many home-based businesses, and truly believe that Usborne Books & More is the best.  I would love to share the fun with you!

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